Who We Are

Mighty Oak Therapy Services PLLC offers occupational therapy and educational support/career consultation services for individuals of all ages. Our services are delivered via telehealth and in our client's natural environment (home, school, job, community, etc.) We provide evidence based therapy to our clients while simultaneously integrating parents, siblings, teachers, and other healthcare providers into our treatment plan. We believe that for the most significant progress and skill acquisition across multiple settings, working collaboratively is imperative.


If you feel that your child or adolescent may be delayed or may have missed crucial developmental milestones such as crawling, speaking, walking, etcetera, we are here to help. If you are an adult and feel there are barriers to living a fulfilling, successful life, we are here to help.  We offer phone consultations, screenings, and standardized assessment to measure strengths and weaknesses. We also provide individualized treatment plans to optimize your potential, and collaborative services with other health and education professionals on your team.  


Why We Do It

Jodi Carroll, MS, OTR/L knew from a very early age that she wanted to work in a helping profession. A daughter of a special education director and a middle school history teacher, Jodi was instilled with many values that led her to pursue occupational therapy as a vocation. This career mixes creativity and compassion and Jodi finds great joy and fulfillment in empowering her clients to learn and grow while also offering compassionate support to her client's families and caregivers. Jodi is inspired by her clients and knows that substantial progress can be made with the right support, a willing learner, and a great therapist. 


What We Do


The role of an occupational therapist is to teach skills through engaging and meaningful therapeutic activities. We adapt our treatment to each individual to ensure the most progress. Occupational Therapists work at providing the just 'right challenge' to clients in order to ensure the most progress so that he/she may learn new skills with ease while enjoying the process. Research indicates that there are more brain connections made when an individual is doing something that is meaningful (versus simply repeating a task.)

Occupational Therapists at Mighty Oak Therapy Services PLLC also collaborate with teachers and other healthcare providers, physical therapists, speech therapists, counselors, and pediatricians to ensure the best care plan for our clients. We understand the importance of integrating all aspects of a client's life to holistically treat the therapeutic needs.

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